The Decorettes VIP Lounge

The Decorettes VIP Lounge

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Welcome to The Decorettes VIP Lounge

Create Bewitching Brands & Swanky Systems! Take Back Your Time & Grow Your Small Business!

Choose a Plan

Who Should Become a Decorette?

Struggling to grow your small business?

Well, Decorette, this group is for you!

Each week we share a video to help you great remarkable branding, bewitching branding, and swanky systems, and this is the group to help you implement them!

Get ready to skyrocket your small business! Join us in the VIP Lounge!

What's Waiting For You In The VIP Lounge

1. Monthly Q&A sessions with your hostesses to help you implement the month's content.

2. Exclusive access to a monthly workbook so you can dive deeper with the weekly episodes.

3. A bonus activity every month to help you grow your business. (Think challenges and book clubs!)

4. Monthly "Get It Done Weeks" where you tell us something something in your business you've been putting off, and we break it down into five steps for you and you GET IT DONE! 

Thanks, Decorettes!

Thank you to all the lovely Lady Bosses and Goal Slayers that join us each week for our show- we look forward to all the business growing shenanigans we'll have together inside the VIP Lounge!

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